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Records Management Modules

Ensuring that documents and records are kept for the appropriate period of time is crucial to everyday business tasks as well as governance, risk and compliance initiatives and maintaining historical records. Destroying records too soon or being unable to access them quickly has cost many organisations millions of dollars. On the other hand, holding on to records for longer than their retention period can also be a liability, and it can decrease efficiency. The OnBase Records Management modules can work together to form a complete records management program.

The Records Management modules enable organisations to fully define documents and records policies and ensure that these policies are carried out correctly. Many documents may only be relevant for a short period of time and do not have requirements to be kept permanently. The  Document Retention module manages these documents at the document type level. Records Management , however, maintains fixed content that serves as evidence of transactions, decisions and processes. These certified records are managed by folder types and events initiate retention policies.

Since many organisations cannot completely convert documents to electronic files, Physical Records Management controls physical documents in the same place as electronic files so all records and content are treated equally. These records are managed by physical location and are configured in OnBase to reflect physical infrastructure.