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Our Values

As Business Software continues to evolve, we also remain dedicated to our fundamental reason for existence.  Broad, inspirational and enduring, Datacapture's Purpose is to enable organisations to operate more efficiently and effectively.

To ensure Datacapture remains focused on this Purpose, all contractors and employees must embody our Core Values - essential and indestructible tenets that describe who we are and always need to be.  These values are consistently consulted when taking action or creating policies, and will not be compromised for financial gain or short-term expediency.


  • We conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and fairness in our relationships with our partners, customers, contractors and employees.
  • We deliver configurable business solutions that are intuitive to use.
  • Our customers are our partners.
  • Our employees are our family.
  • We are motivated people passionately dedicated to the success of the company.