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Content Management Modules

Content Management modules and solutions enhance the innate abilities of OnBase to consolidate all organisational content, making it possible to share and locate files easily and efficiently. These modules enable users to communicate with other users more effectively, capture OnBase documents and images via the Web, accommodate computer-aided design (CAD) files with  CAD Services and find documents containing specific words or phrases. With these modules, users can

  • Facilitate better project management
  • Develop better decision-making information 
  • Experience even more direct access to documents
  • Automatically deliver documents to enhance  governance, risk and compliance
  • Converse in electronic workspaces with full access to related documents
  • Accelerate searching and retrieval
  • Create a centralized repository for all information assets

With Collaboration, Document Knowledge Transfer (DKT) and Print Distribution, users can make intra-organisational interactions simpler and more effective.  Collaboration provides a centralized solution for people to share documents, ideas and conversations within the secure, OnBase-native environment, while  DKT manages and quickly delivers content that may be critical to safety, legal liability or compliance. The  Print Distribution module also delivers information by automatically sending jobs to printers in disparate locations.

Web Server and Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint® are powerful and secure ways to share OnBase via the Web. The Web Server gives authorized users secure, Web-based access to enterprise data, documents and real-time interactions with business processes from anywhere and at anytime. Similarly,  Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint users can search, retrieve, view and interact with the OnBase documents, transactional business processes, high-volume imaging solutions and more from within a SharePoint Web page.

Searching for documents when keywords are not practical is realized with Full-Text Indexing Server for Microsoft and the Full-Text Indexing Server for Verity . These full-text indexing modules allow users to search for occurrences of particular words or phrases, accommodating various file formats and search operators, to find and share information more efficiently.