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E-mail Modules

The average employee sends and receives nearly 25,000 unique messages in a given year, making e-mail one of the largest means of business communication. However, it is also one of the least controlled aspects of businesses today. E-mail is often the first business tool used in the morning and the last used at night, yet many companies do not have adequate e-mail management. OnBase E-mail Solutions give businesses more control over this important form of communication. With these modules, businesses

  • Maintain complete, all-encompassing e-mail management, compliance and optimization
  • Regard e-mail as the hub of corporate information flow
  • Interact with e-mail as a business-critical communications and productivity tool
  • Eliminate e-mail redundancies
  • Integrate e-mail with the overall enterprise content management (ECM) strategy

Subscription Server and Integrations for Microsoft Outlook®, IBM Lotus Notes® and Novell GroupWise® import e-mails as OnBase documents, enabling them to function just as other documents in OnBase. Users can take advantage of full OnBase functionality such as cross-referencing, keywords, Workflow and enterprise availability, just to name a few. E-mails are then no longer records subject to each user's personal mailbox, but a full part of ECM.

E-mail Archive works in conjunction with these modules and runs below the surface of user interfaces. It automatically archives all sent and received documents without disturbing everyday e-mailing, giving organisations true e-mail control as all communications are stored in one central repository. When needed, the archive can be easily searched and e-mails quickly retrieved.

Complementing the e-mail modules to keep e-mail out of murky client accounts and into OnBase, Distribution Service is a part of the OnBase ECM system core. It allows e-mail and fax notifications settings to be located on one machine as opposed to several individual workstations, providing for centralized mail service, maintenance and control.