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Import Processing Modules

The Import Processing modules are the gateway to accessing the robust functionality inherent in the OnBase ECM suite such as foldering, Workflow, Collaboration and full-text searching. By importing and processing electronic files into OnBase ranging from third-party generated documents and reports to images and XML data, the OnBase Import Processing modules

  • Enhance overall use of business reports, data, images and documents
  • Reduce and often eliminate the need to store reports on paper, microfilm or microfiche  and associated storage costs
  • Increase productivity by streamlining filing and retrieval
  • Decrease research time for customer service representatives with fast and simple searching

COLD/ERM  processing is an OnBase foundation that automatically identifies, compresses and indexes reports and statements that are output from computer systems. For easier viewing of 132 character-wide reports, the 132 Column Font enables users to view those reports without having to scroll left and right. AFP, DJDE, PCL filters for COLD/ERM further extend processing to work with vendor-specific files while maintaining formats.

For archiving large numbers of files and their related indices directly into OnBase, the Document Import Processor (DIP) performs large backfile conversions from legacy systems and other third-party applications. The Directory Import Processor imports documents stored in file tree structures and uses associated values to classify documents and gather keywords. OnBase can also manage, import, index, display and manipulate XML data streams within an OnBase environment with the XML Tag Import Processor.