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Reporting Modules

OnBase Reporting Modules are designed for organisations that want to maximize the value of information stored in their OnBase systems while minimizing labor costs associated with gathering, analyzing and manipulating data. Whether the goal is to learn more about the contents of an OnBase system, the operation of the system itself or what the data suggests about business operations, Reporting Modules provide ways to derive additional intelligence from an existing OnBase solution.

File audits can be completed in a fraction of the time using  Exception Reports . Based on document keywords, this module can generate a list of missing documents. As a result, manual processes associated with activities, such as determining that all employee records include W-4, all mortgage loan files include copies of pay stubs or all invoices have corresponding purchase orders, are significantly reduced.

The  Report Mining Integration for Datawatch® MonarchT  facilitates the analysis of data contained within text reports or PDF documents. Businesses can use this information to identify trends and potential relationships using the desktop or Web-based version of the Datawatch software.

Details and trends about the operation of the OnBase system itself can be collected using OnBase Report Services . The most commonly used reports have been pre-configured to monitor processes such as capture, usage, system configuration and security. Users also have the option to customize, create or modify reports to meet their specific needs.

Taking advantage of OnBase Reporting Modules, organisations can improve the decision-making process by providing more timely information with fewer labor requirements. Making better informed decisions faster increases profitability, responsiveness and innovation.